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Just in time for tank tops and swimsuits, I switched from one hormonal birth control method to another and my skin went haywire.  The good news?  I looked ten years younger.  Why?  Because I looked like I was going through puberty again with all that acne.  Not cute.

So I went out and bought the Blemish Clearing Serum from my old stand-by, Juice Beauty.  My skin has finally started calmingBlemish Clearing Serum down and I’m a believer in this serum.  Unlike the harsh chemicals in other acne treatments, the ingredients in it smell great and are petroleum- and toxin-free.  The salicylic acid reduces the number of blackheads I have and I can use it on my chest and back as well as my face because it won’t bleach my clothes or towels like benzoyl peroxide does.  It doesn’t dry out my skin or feel sticky when I use the recommended few drops, but I do have to wait a few minutes before putting on my moisturizer for it to sink in.  Small sacrifice, if you ask me.

And the bonus for summer?  I use a few drops on my bikini line to keep it bump- and ingrown hair-free!  The salicylic acid helps keep pores clear of bacteria and dead skin, meaning smoother skin wherever you use it.