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Two years ago I started a new tradition: fall resolutions.  Inspired by the Jewish High Holy Days, a time for reflection and atonement, fall seems to be a better time for me to make resolutions than January 1.  I think this is also due to the fact that for most people, autumn is associated with the beginning of the new school year.  Think about it: for twelve years of your life (maybe more, maybe less), you had new school supplies, new clothes, new classmates, new teachers, and maybe even a whole new school environment this time of year.  That conditioning makes fall the perfect time to make new starts in other areas of your life.

I generally break my resolutions (and there are many) into categories such as health, family, friends, relationship, work (or now school!), and community.  I have a special journal I use so that I can reflect back on how I did each year and decide what is important enough to carry forward.  Some of the resolutions I know will be on my list for this year are:

  • Do all the reading for my courses on-time.
  • Take advantage of some of the travel opportunities the university will provide in Scotland.
  • Increase my running from every so often to three times a week, at a minimum.
  • Practice yoga at least twice a week.
  • Find creative ways to stay connected with DG while we’re apart.
  • Take a look at my resolutions more than once a year to help stay on track.

This tradition has given an interesting annual snapshot of where I was in my life at this time of year for the past two years.  I can see how I spent my energy and what areas of my life have improved enough to no longer be just resolutions, but actual change.  I encourage you to start a similar tradition of your own!  (If you want to get some tips for how to make achievable resolutions, check out for a quick quiz, based on Prof. Richard Wiseman’s research at the University of Hertfordshire.)

Do you have a tradition for self-reflection?  What would be on your fall resolution list?  Share in the comments section below or by emailing me at!

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